Diversified Plants for flexibility

Small lot large variety is one of the major strength at JBSPL. Four different plants are located at Faridabad manufacturing Different Products with complete facilities.

  • One plant is entirely into processing of Cold Heading Quality Wires used for manufacture of High Tensile and Special Fasteners. This plant is complete with Electrically Heated, Inert Atmosphere, PLC controlled State of Art Bell Annealing furnaces used for Spheriodized Annealing. Bull Blocks, Pickling-Phosphate-Lube Coating-Baking facilities are capable of delivering Quality Goods steadily. Four IVD [Inverted vertical drum] are in place, which allows drawing into independent stands as well, varying the internal diameter of wires as desired by customer. Capable of delivering up to 2MT of drawn wires into stands. The traditional Bull Blocks for different diameter outputs take care of the entire production capacity and range.
  • Another is entirely into the processing of Bright Steel Bars, Center less Turned Bars /Peeled Bars, Ground Bars. It has three lines of the State of Art Combined Drawing machines which are extremely capable of delivering finished Bright Bars of large tonnage in a short time. Bar to Bar Drawing Machines are in line with Cut to length Facility is available along with Bar Peelers and an array of grinding machines to cater to the market needs for specialized components.
  • The third one is Catering to the needs of the Niche market Products like Trapezoidal wires, Profile & Shaped wires spring steel wires of various grades. It also has Bull blocks, Single as well in Tandem Wire Drawing lines for manufacture of General Engineering wires. This plant is complete with electrically heated, PLC controlled pit furnaces for carrying out Soft/ Stress Relief Annealing.
  • The fourth plant has been installed for forward integration with CNC wire Bending machines and CNC Turning machines to serve the customers those who are interested in Processed components rather than Buying Raw materials and Doing processing.

All plants have 100% power Back-ups, Adequate material handling facility, Proper Storage Area as well skilled man power. Traceability of every single Coil or Bar, Right from Incoming of Raw Material in process to finish Goods is our USP. This is done by a unique code Number which is the single connecting thread and can be linked from the purchase bill to the dispatch bill and any place in between. All the plants of JBSPL are connected by WAN and the business processes are linked with ERP [Microsoft NAVISION]. One server is dedicated for running the ERP while another is used for e-mails and internet.