• What is Bright Bar?

    A Cold Drawn Bar is called a Bright Bar.

  • What is its source?

    Hot rolled or spheroidised annealed wire rods or bars.

  • Why bright bar?

  • As because hot rolled bars have a large tolerance in diameter, ovality and length cold bright bars can be provided with much closer tolerances.
  • Hot rolled wire rods come is specified sizes, but bright can be made available to almost any size as desired.
  • As because hot rolled products have a scale on it as well as rough surface, Bright Bars are free of any scale and are bright in appearance.
  • Bright bars from same source can be made available having different mechanical properties to suit different needs.
  • Bright bars are intermediate product which is further processed for specific items like auto-components, machined parts, forging and so
  • What are ground bars?

    When a layer of the outer surface is removed by processing it in center less grinders, a silvery bright surface is obtained. This process is known as grinding and the product ground bars.

  • What is the source?

    Cold Drawn Bars.

  • Why ground bars?

    It imparts mirror finish surface as well removes surface defects if any from the Steel Bars. The product is more suitable for finish components.

  • What are peeled bars?

    Peeling is removal of outer surface of Bars by means of rotating tool bits.

  • Why Peeled bars?

    Surface defects are deeper and proportional to the diameter of bars. In large diameters removal of such defects is done by peeling where in a deeper cut can be given. It is also feasible to attain the objective by grinding but it will take too many cuts to be carried out which is un-economic. Peeling leaves minor turning marks on the surface so often customers prefer to have Peeled and Ground bars.

  • What are shaped wires and bars?

    Other than regular cross-section any un-common or irregular-section products are turned as Shaped products. If in the form of Wire it is Shaped Wire and if in Bar form then it is Shaped Bar.

  • Why shaped wires and bars?

  • Cold formed shaped products provide customers with the shape which otherwise would have to be done by machining.
  • It saves material wastage and hence costs.
  • Reduction in the number of processes which would have otherwise been used saves in costs, space and investment as well lead time.
  • Can be supplied in Wire form if customer has the continuous feeding process in their production line.
  • As it is cold formed so the metallurgical integrity is an added advantage over achieving the shape by machining.
  • The surface is bright and in exact shape and size so can be directly processed for components like circlips and springs.
  • Quite often it is found that the surface of bright bars get rusty. Can this be taken care of?

  • The exposed surface of cold drawn bars is very sensitive to surface degradation by way of corrosion. Corrosion is aggravated by the following factors:

  • Moisture in air
  • Temperature
  • Exposure to corrosive environment.
  • Amount of cold reduction

    To take care of this, rust preventive oil is applied on the finished bars. This oil comes in various grades and utility.

  • For material which is intended to be used up within a week, solvent based rust preventive oil is used.
  • For a longer shelf life say 30 days or more a lube based rust preventive oil can be used.
  • For material which requires protection for a shorter period but does not require oil on it for various reasons, dry or semi-dry film based oil fortified with corrosive inhibitorscan be used.
  • For export market where a sea-worthy packing is required we do have the option of wrapping each individual bar with either polythene film or paper which is coated with non-toxic volatile corrosion inhibitors.

    Even bright bars can be oiled and packed in polypropylene packets to improve shelf life.

    However it should be remembered that all these efforts can delay the process of corrosion by providing a finite shelf life but can never stop corrosion.
  • If I ask for bright bars of say 18 mm diameter with % C 0.40 – 0.50 and % Mn 0.50 – 0.90, what will you supply me?

  • You have asked a very pertinent question as we do get lot of orders as such. In such case we will supply you cold drawn bright bars as under:
  • Supply will be as per the available steel whose ladle analysis will conform to the chemistry provided by you. The relevant grades are EN-8D, EN-43B, AISI 1041 – 1046, IS C-40, IS C-45, JIS S43 – S48, DIN Ck-45.
  • The diameter will remain in between 17.93 – 18 mm.
  • The length will be in between 3000 – 6000 mm.
  • It will be smeared with solvent based rust preventive oil whose shelf life is 7 days.
  • The bright bar packet will be almost 1 MT in weight and will be tied at three points by annealed wires. The packet will be despacthed without any packaging if the consignee is in the National Capital Territory of India. For outstation customers this bright bar packet will be wrapped with a polypropylene sheet and loaded in a truck having a waterproof canvas.

I’m a small buyer of bright bars and wires and very often my orders are not given priority by suppliers’ as because dispatching of such quantities are too expensive.

We at JBSPL accept orders for as small as 1 MT for popular grades and sizes otherwise 5 MT for not so common grade or size or even if a product is custom made. We do have our own fleet of trucks to cater to customers’ for whatever quantity agreed upon. We have an online weighing system which can be fixed on to the lifting hooks to note the weight after packing. We also have a weigh bridge of capacity 60 MT for weighing trucks. Very often various items are dispatched in one truck and individual weighing is required. Our in-house capability enables us to deliver goods to our customers’ by cutting down on time otherwise wasted like moving multiple times for weighing from outside premises, waiting and travel time. We have invested a great deal over time on infrastructure to make us capable of handling large variety – low volume orders day in and day out.